Juliette's Guide to Winery Walkabout

Woof Woof! the Winery Walkabout festival is certainly a celebration to howl home about. You may not know, but Winery Walkabout is Victoria's first and longest-running wine festival. We've been 'bow-wowing' wine-lovers since 1974, and this year will be no exception; in fact, I'll bet all my kibble that after a two-year hiatus, 2022 will be the best festival yet! And of the 48 years this event has run, I have attended 10! I don't have enough toe beans to count that out in dog years but let's just say I'm a self-proclaimed Walkabout veteran, a legend even. So listen up, consider this your Winery Walkabout initiation.

Put your best paw forward and dress to impress. Winery Walkabout attracts all sorts, from pandas, dragons and dinosaurs to stormtroopers, cowgirls and a whole heap of Wally's, who always seem to be MIA. It warms my little border collie heart to see these diverse creatures all coming together in harmony towards a common goal - diminishing the Moscato stocks of Rutherglen and having a great time while doing so!

Enjoy a hearty breakfast. I can't stress how important it is to have a breakfast of champions. Instead of one Pal sachet, maybe have two, ensuring you lick every last drop of gravy. The more you have in your tummy, the better you'll feel throughout the day.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Sure, that might be the case - but please be responsible with your drinking. Winery Walkabout is a long day. We want you to go the distance and enjoy the whole event. No one wants to be sent back to the kennel or be eating grass to induce vomiting at mid-day. Not cool.

Keep hydrated. The rule of dewclaw is that you need to drink four times as much water as alcohol to remain hydrated. At Stanton & Killeen, we have about 100 megalitres at our disposal. I think that should be enough to get us through the weekend.

Look after your pack. Winery Walkabout is a festival best enjoyed with your favourite mates. Please look after each other and stay safe. I know we all have that friend that needs to be microchipped, tagged and kept on a short leash, we certainly don't want anyone ending up at the pound, so if you don't want the responsibility, maybe you should leave them with a sitter; I highly recommend Madpaws.

Bust a move. DJ dance music, high-energy rock, swingin' jazz, or chilled acoustic - whatever your preference, you will find it at Winery Walkabout. At Stanton & Killeen, we'll have a DJ blasting beats all day. If I'm not on security paw-trol, you'll find me diggin' up the dancefloor with my best moves and shaking (and chasing) my tail. We can't all be two-time agility champions, and I understand some of you have four left feet, but just relax and go with it; everyone is here to have fun; they're not there to judge your box step.

Celebrate and enjoy. As long as you stay safe, respectful, and look after your pack, you are guaranteed to enjoy the weekend and make the most of your first ever Winery Walkabout festival. Live music, delicious food, excellent wine, and adorable wine dogs - sounds like heaven, doesn't it? I look forward to seeing you again, year after year, as you fall in love with everyone's favourite wine festival.

Have a great Winery Walkabout weekend, come say 'Hi' when your bus stops at Stanton & Killeen, I'm never too busy to say hi or take selfies with my fans.

All the best,